New Daft Punk Album – Random Access Memories

24 Mar

New Daft Punk Album - Random Access Memories

Out on May 21st! Woohoo!


Hello again…

23 Mar

So after a 3 month hiatus I am back. I kinda just forgot about having this blog (what a terrible person I am!).

This first post in a while is short and sweet, so i’ll just leave you with this gem…

Happy Saturday!

Deadmau5 gets an x-ray…

8 Jan


7 Jan


Good Summary of Les Miserables

6 Jan


Found on Buzzfeed

Stop the press!

5 Jan

Oh my god!

Justin Bieber has been seen with a “suspicious looking”  cigarette!

Everyone must stop everything at once!

It must really be a no news day!


Happy New Year by the way.

I haz internetz!

20 Dec

I never want to experience that again.

No internet connection for 2 weeks! I have got 3G enabled on my phone but it isn’t the same as having broadband! I never need to worry about using too much data ever again! Yay!