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Good Summary of Les Miserables

6 Jan


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Safety Not Guaranteed

30 Nov

A wonderful movie!


Coulson’s Day Off?

25 Nov


Ikea Avengers

20 Nov

If You Don’t Like Swearing Don’t Watch This!!!

17 Nov

What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire?

16 Nov

Good question!


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15 Nov

I finally went to see Skyfall today. I havent been a fan of the past 2 Daniel Craig Bond adventures but this is one I actually enjoyed. His Bond movies are gritty, I prefer the old school humourous escapism Bond movies. It says it all really when my favourite Bond films are Live & Let Die, Moonraker & Goldeneye!

Javier Bardem was brilliant as Silva the bad guy – he totally stole the show for me & Daniel Craig was spot on too.

It was a good solid movie & if you get the opportunity definately go and see it in IMAX!