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Public Transport

5 Nov

You either love it or hate it. I am in the latter category. As I have been too lazy to attempt to gain my Driving Licence its my own fault really.

Monday to Friday I am required to get the bus to work. The people you find there would have to be seen to be believed.

Here are just some of my gripes:

1. Queuing: Before even getting on the bus you have to be subjected to the torture of having to queue. It’s especially worse when you are at a bus stop where there isn’t a bus shelter. Some people cannot grasp the concept of queuing.

2. Rainy days: There is usually a distinct smell of wet dog and stale smoke. Its horrendous. First thing in the morning is sick inducing.

3. That large person: That person that you see getting on the bus & all of a sudden you get a cold sweat. For some reason you get a gut feeling that you know they are going to sit beside you even when there are plenty empty seats. Why me, WHY?!

4. The weirdo that has just got on the bus: See the above.

5. MacBooks on buses: No need to show off! You are either very rich or a poor student.

6. Teenagers/undesirables: Some can be classified as being potential Jeremy Kyle guests. Don’t look at them in the eye!

7. Loud Music: I don’t need to hear your Happy Hardcore music – Thanks!

8. Rush Hour: Being on a busy bus is something I hate – feeling like I’m in a sardine can is not something I want to feel after a long day at work.

9. Bus Timetables: Buses never follow these.

10. The bus driver sees you but still drives away: Bastard.

and finally:

11. Trying to get off the bus. I think this explains it:


So I think the moral of the story is: I really need to get driving lessons!