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Good Summary of Les Miserables

6 Jan


Found on Buzzfeed


Safety Not Guaranteed

30 Nov

A wonderful movie!

If You Don’t Like Swearing Don’t Watch This!!!

17 Nov


15 Nov

I finally went to see Skyfall today. I havent been a fan of the past 2 Daniel Craig Bond adventures but this is one I actually enjoyed. His Bond movies are gritty, I prefer the old school humourous escapism Bond movies. It says it all really when my favourite Bond films are Live & Let Die, Moonraker & Goldeneye!

Javier Bardem was brilliant as Silva the bad guy – he totally stole the show for me & Daniel Craig was spot on too.

It was a good solid movie & if you get the opportunity definately go and see it in IMAX!


Batman Down!

14 Nov